1. Do not bring such hazardous articles as inflammable, explosive and controlled regulated apparatus into the Museum. 

2. Alcoholics abusers, sloppily dressed persons or incompetent persons are declined. Children under 14 can visit the Museum only when being accompanied by their parents or other guardians. 

3. Do not make videos and do not use flash lamp or tripod when photographing in the exhibition hall. Please do not photograph the contents with the sign of “No Photographing”.

4. Instructions to Visitors of Submarine-401: 

4.1 After buying the tickets, the visitors of Submarine-401 shall consciously queue up and then visit the submarine as guided by the designated interpreters in the form of groups composed of 10-15 persons at the interval about 8-15 min. Each group shall visit for about 35 min. Please do not make videos or take photographs in the Submarine. 

4.2 There is no rest room in the Submarine. Please use the public rest room in the exhibition area. 

4.3 For the safety of you and your family members, the old, young, sick, disabled and pregnant visitors who have difficulty in moving and the alcoholics abusers are declined. 

4.4 It is potential for slippers (including sandals), high-heeled shoes and long skirts to create safety hazards on board, so please go aboard without them.

4.5 It is inconvenient to climb up and down the accommodation ladder and pass by the hatch when you take a luggage case or large backpack, so please go aboard without them. After buying the ticket, please deposit your luggage cases and other large articles at the deposit center and put your hand bags and other small articles into a locker. Please take care of your valuables. 

4.6 Please do not take any liquid, lighter, explosives, inflammables, toxic substances, corrosive substances and other hazardous substance on board. Before boarding, please coordinate with the workers and accept security check orderly. 

4.7 For your safety, visitors shall climb up and down the demonstration ladder and pass by the hatch as guided and demonstrated by the interpreters. In the process of visiting, please do not play roughly, make noise or run around. Pay attention to your safety when going aboard or ashore and prevent yourself from falling into water. 

4.8 For your safety, please wear your submarine cap with soft brim and cotton gloves. Inside the submarine, there is an all-direction monitoring system. Please do not damage any facility inside, or dismount or rotate any equipment part, or scribble or engrave or post at any place, otherwise, you’ll be seriously dealt with according to the law. 

4.9 Please do not spit anywhere, spit out chewing gum, throw any garbage, or smoke or eat any food inside the submarine. 

4.10 In case of injury, sprain or malaise, please tell the workers around in time so that they can help you. 

4.11 In case of being informed by superior departments, or in case of rain, snow, wind, thunder or other severe weather conditions, the Submarine will be closed. The specific time shall be informed by the Museum the same day. 

5. Please behave courteously, protect and use public facilities properly, and do not climb on or touch any cultural relics and exhibits. 

6. Please maintain environmental hygiene consciously, and do not throw any garbage or smoke in the Museum. 

7. In case of any emergency, please act as guided by the workers inside the Museum. 

The ticket is CNY 30/ person for the Museum and CNY 100/ person for the Nuclear Submairine-401. 

1. Children under 1.3m (included) can visit for free, but shall be accompanied by their parents or other guardians. Juveniles and full-time students with undergraduate degree or below can enjoy half-price discount, but they shall buy the tickets with their ID cards, student ID card or other effective certificates. 

2. The aged who are 60-69 years old can enjoy half-price discount with their ID cards. 

3. The aged who are older than 70 years old (included), disabled persons and army men in service can visit with free tickets receiving from the Visitor Service Center with their effective certificates. 

4. For online ticketing and social education classes, please go through the formalities in the Visitor Service Center. 

5. The number of the visitors is designated on the electronic ticket. 

6. Ticketing in the Ticket Office shall be paid in cash only. 

7. In order to guarantee the authenticity and validity of your tickets, please buy it in the Ticket Office. 

8. Each ticket is only valid the same day and it cannot be returned or changed. 

9. The ticket for the Museum does not include the visit to the Submarine, and the ticket for the Submarine will be sold in the exhibition area. 

10. Ticketing Instructions for Nuclear Submareine-401: 

10.1 The ticket for Nuclear Submareine-401 is valid the same day. 

10.2 The Nuclear Submarine is only open to the children taller than 1.3m and the adults younger than 60 years old. Children shall be accompanied by their parents or other guardians. 

10.3 Army men can visit for free with their effective certificates and tickets. 

10.4 Sold tickets will not be returned or exchanged, and a damaged ticket shall be regarded as invalid. 

10.5 Sold tickets are only valid the same day. Once being punched, they shall be invalid.

1. Ticketing Place of the Museum and Price: 

1.1 Ticket Office at the East Gate of the Museum at No. 8 Laiyang Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City (CNY 30/ person) 

1.2 Ticket Office at the South Gate of the Museum, Qinyu Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City (CNY 30/ person) 

1.3 Ticket Office at the North Gate of the Museum at Laixi Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City (CNY 40/ person, including CNY 10 for boat ticket) 

2. Ticketing Place of the Submarine and Price: 

Submarine exhibition area in the Museum (CNY 100/ person) 

3. Opening Time: 

Dec. – Apr.: 8:30-16:30 

May. – Nov.: 8:30—17:30 

In case the visit time is adjusted due to special events in the Museum, the adjustment will be officially publicized to the society in advance through the official website of the Museum or other platforms. 

4. Contact Information: 

Official website of the Museum: (under construction) 

Tel. for enquiry: 0532-82876888; 82866784

5. Traffic Information 

Bus routes from Qingdao Railway Station: take Bus 26, 202, 223, 316, 304, 312, 321, 501 or 802, get off at Luxun Park Station and walk 500m westwards. 

Bus routes from Qingdao North Station: take Metro Line 3, get off at the People's Hall Station and walk 600m southwards.

Bus routes from Qingdao Long Distance Bus Station: take Bus 15 or 206, get off at Wushengguan Station, transfer Bus 26, 202, 223, 316, 304, 312, 321, 501 or 802 and get off at Luxun Park Station.