The Opening Department is the service department of the Museum, the basic service function of which is to present and elaborate exhibits vividly and evocatively, so that visitors could more intuitively comprehend the information transmitted through the items on display. In order to standardize the service of interpretation, continuously enhance the quality of services and establish the brand of public service, the Museum has implemented the system of listing services of interpreters. As per applicable management regulations, basic situations about all interpreters in the Social Education Department would be indicated at conspicuous positions on the Service Platform, to allow visitors to autonomously select interpreters.

Considering the rich contents about special themes under exhibition and the demands for cultivating knowledge-based service personnel, interpreters of the Social Education Department will select their focused directions of research based on personal characteristics. Each special theme under exhibition would be assigned with special persons for study and interpretation. Under the premise of providing general explanation about basic display contents, interpreters are allowed to provide deeper and featured services with emphasis based on the points of interests of different visitors. The system of listing services of interpreters enhances the degree of freedom of visitors in choosing interpreters, brings the system of competition to interpreters and promotes the ceaseless improvement of knowledge level and business ability of interpreters, thus providing more excellent services for visitors.

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