Contact Information
Contact Information

The Visitor Service Center of the Museum is at the east side of the main entrance at No. 8 Laiyang Road. In line with the working objectives of "doing everything for improving the satisfactory degree of visitors", the Center endeavors to provide ticketing services for the groups from travel agencies, nursing homes and hotels, and for the individuals such as army men in service, the aged older than 70 years old, the disabled persons and the visitors buying tickets online. Besides, the Center is responsible for providing consulting services and resolving complaints.

Note: For related issues about visit in group, please consult with the Visitor Service Center.

Service Items:

1. Purchasing of group tickets for travel agencies

2. Exchange of free tickets for army men in service, the aged older than 70 years old and disabled persons

3. Exchange of tickets bought online

4. Consulting and complaints

All organizations and groups are welcome to contact with us at any time, and we will provide service for you sincerely and respectfully.

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