HHQ-9 Anti-aircraft Missile Introduce:

HHQ-9 anti-aircraft missile, a national Level-II cultural relic, was inspected on the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC in Beijing as one of Chinese navy equipment. The HHQ-9 ship-to-air missile and its carrier exhibited in the Museum came from the 17th parade square (HHQ-9 ship-to-air missiles) on the anniversary. After the military parade, it was delivered to the Museum completely under the inspection status. With the advanced vertical launching technology, the HHQ-9 ship-to-air missiles were equipped on our independently developed new missile destroyers, missile frigates and other large and medium-sized surface ships. They were mainly used to attack the air targets and can perform long and medium-range air defense missions of warship formations, fully enhancing the air defense capabilities of Chinese navy warships.