Missile Destroyer 105 Introduce:

Missile Destroyer 105 ("Jinan"), a national Level-I cultural relic, ranks the first in the "Top Ten Ships in China". 

It was launched at Dalian Shipyard in 1969, officially incorporated into the first destroyer force of China in 1971, exhibited in the Chinese Naval Museum after the decommissioning in 2007 and opened to the public on Jul. 1, 2008. Its successful commissioning represents a milestone in the development of Chinese PLA Navy, marking the transition of our warship development from imitation to independent development and embarking onto the independent military development road. 

The destroyer is 132m long, 12.8m wide, with a 29m-high main mast, a maximum displacement of 3,833 tons, a maximum speed of 38 knots (one nm/knot, 1.852 km/nm), and an operational radius of 1,400nm and wind resistance of Grade 12. It is mainly equipped with two triple-linked missile launchers, one twin-linked 130mm gun, three twin-linked 37mm anti-aircraft guns, four twin-linked 25mm anti-aircraft guns, two 12-linked 2500 anti-submarine rocket tube launchers. 

As the first missile destroyer independently developed by China, "Jinan" was primarily used for tests. Over 2,000 test tasks had been completed and over 3 million valuable data had been obtained during the over 30-year service life, providing reliable theoretical basis and precious practical experience for subsequent warship improvement and modular production. It has been known as "the pioneer for tests of modern national defense equipment". On Jan. 15, 1983, “Jinan” was collectively rewarded as First-class Merit Citation by the Central Military Commission. As the first missile destroyer independently designed and manufactured by China, the "Jinan" had received close care of the CPC and state-level leaders. Zhu De, Ye Jianying, Deng Xiaoping, Xiao Jinguang, Liu Huaqing and many other previous leaders had visited it for many times. On Aug. 2, 1979, Deng Xiaoping visited "Jinan" for forces inspection and inscribed "Build a Strong Navy with Modern Operational Capabilities" to point out the new direction for modern naval development. This is, by far, the only inscription the state-level leader has made on the destroyer during a trip. “Jinan” aims to be the pioneer for equipment test and front-runner for strong military and civilian unity (double support). It has also been rated as the national advanced unit for law popularization for three times, the national advanced unit for supporting and helping the disabled for two times, the advanced unit for military and civilian cooperation and the advanced collective for learning from Lei Feng for five times, and has won the military and civilian cooperation innovation awards and the advanced unit for respecting teachers for many times.