The Naval Battle between Wu and Yue

In 494 BC, the state Yue was defeated by the state Wu. Gou Jian, the king of Yue, slept on brushwood and tasted gall, waiting for a chance to wipe out Wu. After the victory, Fu Chai, the king of Wu, adopted a warlike policy, attempting to dominate the central plains, let his guards against Yue down. In 482 AD, Fu Chai led the elite force of Wu to Huangchi in the north to attend an alliance meeting, leaving a country with weak defense. Gou Jian took the chance and raised an army to attack Wu. The two armies encountered in Lize with a river floating between them, and Yue won all of the three battles. In 475 AD, after surrounding Suzhou for a long period, the Yue army launched a general offensive that perished Wu at a stroke.