Zheng Chenggong recovered Taiwan

Zheng Chenggong had attached great importance to the construction of navy, and owned a powerful navy with over 300 supporting warships, including such eight kinds of ships as large cargo ships, Lizeng ships, sand ships, bird-tail ships, black dragon ships, blunderbuss ships and fast picket ships. The Dashanghe, with a draught of one zhang (a unit of length= 3.33 meters) and two chi (a unit of length= 0.33 meter), could accommodate 500 soldiers, was built with reference to the patterns of Fu type ships and western splint ships. The ship, equipped with a Loulu (a movable wooden watchtower), was wrapped by iron leaves, with a leather curtain hanging outside, a ventilation door being chiseled in the middle to fire cannons and shoot crossbows, and a water wheel being installed to wheel forward without being afraid of wind or waves. The Lizeng ships and sand ships both have a draught of 7-8 chi. Being the warships of main force in the navy, the ships above are tall, large and solid, and equipped with heavy weapons of cannons, which could carry over 100 shells each.

Taiwan has been China’s territory since the ancient times. During the Wanli Age of the Ming Dynasty, the word of “Taiwan” had been first used in the official statement. In the early 17th century, the invading troops of Holland occupied Taiwan. In the sixth year of Chongzhen Age of the Ming Dynasty (1633), the Ming army won a significant victory by defeating the Dutch army. Afterwards, the Ming Dynasty perished while the Qing Dynasty was newly established. Taking advantage of the turbulence of China’s domestic political situation, the colonizers from Holland came back again.

Zheng Chenggong raised a powerful navy, cruising in southeast coast and the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. In the 16th year of Shunzhi Age of Qing Dynasty (1659), after suffering a loss in the wars in Nanjing, Zheng Chenggong determined to cross the ocean and march toward the east to expel the enemy of Holland and reoccupy Taiwan.